Praxis had a humble beginning as an initiative of Action Aid in 1992. Since then, we have worked with a number of development workers, organisations, networks, campaigns and movements to emerge as a facilitator of participatory practices. In 1997, Praxis – Institute for Participatory Practices was formally registered as an autonomous non-profit organisation under the Societies Act 1860.  [+]


Praxis is a knowledge organisation that plays a role in influencing equity- and governance-related policies through participation and ensuring every individual has access to a life of dignity and choices. Our aim is facilitating participation towards democratisation of development processes and results that will pave the way for an equitable society. [+]


At Praxis, we see a world without poverty in which every person has the right to participate in decision-making processes and to live a life of dignity and choices. 




Our mission is to strive for the democratisation of development processes and institutions in order to ensure that the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. [+]


Praxis is a small organisation of ordinary people with extraordinary vision making participatory approach a way of life. The human resources of Praxis include professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, whose skills are optimally utilised in all its work.  [+]


At Praxis, we periodically revisit our strategy with an eye on performance, a study of current contexts of marginalisation, shifts within the development sector and a streamlining of emerging concerns with our vision and mission.

Our current strategy reflects our renewed commitment to equity and governance – two key areas we concentrate our work in, within the broad mission of striving for the democratisation of development processes. Located within this frame of reference, we feel the seams of social inequity in India are most exposed in the urban context and in post-disaster situations, where people’s voices get lost in the clamour for growth and misplaced development goals.  [+]


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