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Anindo Banerjee Fellowship


As Praxis turns 25, we launch this fellowship in memory of Anindo Banerjee, our first team member, friend and co-traveller, whom we lost earlier this year. The fellowship is an attempt to honour his contribution and commitment to participation, social justice and accountability.  It will be awarded annually to one candidate/group with lived experience of marginalisation, to conduct grassroots participatory research, which focuses on equity, inclusion and community knowledge building.

About the Fellowship 

  • The six month fellowship is open to Indian citizens above the age of 18.

  • We strongly encourage women or non-binary candidates from marginalised communities to apply. 

  • The fellow will be selected on the basis of a proposal (submitted in any Indian language). It should include an indicative budget.

  • Individuals and groups of up to three candidates could apply, providing a rationale for the same in the proposal.

  • We will support fellowships with budgets ranging from INR 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Only) to INR 2,00,000 (Two Lakhs Only). This is for the entire duration of the fellowship, including the extension, if any.


15 October, 2021 


January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022

(but extendable based on mutual agreement.)


Please submit your applications (in any Indian language) to 

The Proposal needs to be for a research OR follow up participatory action with communities based on any earlier study OR a capacity building programme OR participatory documentation or communication. It should not be more than 1,000 words (if written) and not more than four minutes (if via audio or video) needs to indicate the following:

1. Objectives/ key research questions 

What is the proposed focused on and what it intends to achieve?  

2. Context

 How this focus area is linked to wider inclusion debates and also to the lived experience of the candidate.

3. Methodology

 Description of research and the methodology that you will follow

4. Challenges and Mitigation

n the current context, what would be the challenges with respect to implementing the proposed plan? How would they be overcome?

The submission should also include the following (this is not included in the 1000 word limit)

(a) Ethical Concerns - What are the ethical challenges, especially from the lens of safeguarding policies? How they would be overcome? (Not more than 250 words)
(b) CV of key researcher  
(c) Detailed budget (between INR 50,000 and INR 2,00,000 irrespective of whether this is an application for an individual or a group). Covering the cost of asset-based expenses such as for laptop, mobiles and so on will not be admissible
(d) Two references

Selection Process

There would be three layers of the selection process

Layer 1: Rejection Stage

All proposals, which do not fit the criterion described above, would be rejected 

Layer II: Consideration Stage

All proposals will be reviewed by thematic experts, who would use the criterion of contribution to debates on equity and inclusion; innovation in methodology and application; and the way the proposal engages with systems and structure of knowledge production.

Layer II: Selection Stage

A five member committee including thematic experts will deliberate and decide the name/s of the Fellows.

1) After selection, the Fellow needs to submit an inception report within 15 days (15 November 2021).
2) After the fellowship begins on 1 January 2022, there will be an interim report at the end of two months (28 February 2022).
3) The final output will be submitted by end of the duration of the fellowship (30 June 2002).
The outputs of the fellowship will be in the public domain without any copyright restrictions. The final research paper will be uploaded on the Praxis website or any of its publications. The selected fellow however can publish the same or a modified or abridged version the paper in any journal or newspaper, with due acknowledgement to the Fellowship programme. 

For any questions/clarifications, please reach out to:

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