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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is a methodology which includes the voices of all stakeholders in project reviews and evaluations – including the intended beneficiaries. It helps all stakeholders set joint process and impact indicators for success. From this stakeholders jointly monitor and evaluate whether the project has met the objectives which it had set out to achieve and whether the outputs and outcomes have positively affected those that they were meant for.

How is it useful?

Over the years, M&E objectives have moved from a sterile ‘result-oriented’ evaluation exercise to an empowering opportunity for both development organisations and beneficiaries to learn and do better. PM&E also allows beneficiaries to define their own criteria for success. Participatory M&E is a powerful methodology gaining wide use amongst international development agencies and research institutions around the world.

How can Praxis help?

Praxis can help facilitate and train communities and organisations in the design and implementation of PM&E processes.


Further information: to find out more about how Praxis can improve the quality and sustainability of your work, please contact

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