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Organisational Development

Successful organisations are those that spend time on introspection from time to time, to identify their organisational strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to progress towards their vision. When this is done in a participatory manner, all stakeholders within the organisation take ownership of their organisational goals and values and work together to fulfil them. 

Through participatory workshops, Praxis facilitates organisational development, strategic planning, fellowship programmes and institutional partnerships, developing programmatic as well as thematic strategies, identifying capacity gaps, and fulfilling them. Such a process can help civil society organisations to build their technical and institutional capacity to better achieve their objectives as well as gain a holistic understanding of its internal capacity and structure, its external relations and reach, visibility and credibility and how to improve it. 


Praxis has facilitated thematic and programmatic strategic review processes for a range of organisations, including Oxfam, Plan India, Indo-Global Social Service Society and others.  

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