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Participatory Communications

Communications is the basis of breaking boundaries and bringing people together. For an organisation rooted in participation, communication is integral to its way of functioning. Over the years, Praxis has led in the sphere of participatory communication through a range of initiatives that aim to make the world smaller and more inclusive. From participatory videos to digital story-telling, from documenting the experiences of communities through the Read Aloud series, or through publishing toolkits on how to use participation, reports, books, articles and more, participatory communication has aimed to move from talking about communities to facilitating platforms of direct talk.

A sample of our documentaries, participatory videos, digital stories, books for a wide age group reiterate that voices of the most marginalised can and must be heard. We have engaged with a range of communities across a gamut of themes to make this process possible.

Read Aloud Series


Digital Story Telling

Apna Bhavishya Apne Haath