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Voices From Margins

Though the dreaded Coronavirus is supposed to be indiscriminate, the effects of COVID19 are disproportionately disastrous for people from the margins - migrant workers, women, sex workers, sexual minorities, daily wage labourers and others. Praxis has put together a webinar series to listen to their experiences of coping with the current crisis and to share findings of rapid surveys being conducted with communities in different pockets in the country.

Invite 1.jpg

With Garment Workers from Tamil Nadu 

Invite 2.JPG

With Farmers and Workers of Denotified Tribes in Purulia, West Bengal

Invite 3.jpg

With Interstate Migrant workers from Bengal and Odisha in Tamil Nadu

Invite 4.jpeg

Webinar 4

 With Entertainment Workers from the Nat and Bediya community

Invite 5.jpg

Webinar 5

With Children with Disabilities and Caregivers

Invite 6.JPG

Webinar 6

With Semi-nomadic and Nomadic tribes of Madaris, Ods, Kal Oddars and VanGujjars

Invite 7.jpg

Webinar 7

With sanitation workers on their Life and Dignity

Invite 8 (1).jpg

Webinar 8

With workers on Workers Rights: Pandemic and Beyond

Invite 9.jpg

Webinar 9

Fear of Lockup and Now Lockdown! Struggles of Denotified and Nomadic Tribes

Invite 10.png

Webinar 10

With Homeless Persons During Lockdown

Invite 11.jpg

Webinar 11

Manipur Saga - Continuing Despair and Marginalisation During Lockdown

Invite 12.jpg

Webinar 12

COVID-19 and Inequities: Lessons from HIV

Invite 13.jpg

Webinar 13

Missing School: Adolescent Girls Marginalised by Growing Divide During Lockdown

Invite 14.jpeg

Webinar 14

Vulnerabilities of Child Labour: Conversations with survivors of child trafficking  their families & those who work to protect them

Invite 15.JPG

Webinar 15

India's Supply Chain Crisis: Conversations with Petty Contractors from Construction and Garment Sectors

Invite 16.jfif

Webinar 16

Fighting Two Battles: COVID-19 and Gig Economy - Conversations with App-Based Workers and Unions

Invite 17.jpeg

Webinar 17

Resourcing Grassroots Work: Runaway Donors and Struggling Community-based Organisations

Invite 18.jpg

Webinar 18

Unearthing Challenges of Plantation Workers in Cotton, Tea, Sugarcane and Tobacco Plantations

Invite 15 (2).jpg

Webinar 19

Leveraging Public Procurement to Realise Rights of Women and Children in Supply Chains

Invite 20.jpg

Webinar 20

Role of Community Based Watchdog Mechanisms to Curb Child Labour and Trafficking as a Fallout of COVID-19

Invite 21.jpeg

Webinar 21

COVID-19 Pandemic and Sustainable Agriculture: Prospects and Challenges

Invite 22.jpg

Webinar 22

Pandemic Induced Impediments to Livelihoods of Bar Dancers and Sex Workers

Invite 23 (2).jpg

Webinar 23

SC-ST Entrepreneurs: Status, Challenges and Opportunities

Invite 24 (1).jpg

Webinar 24

Frontline Workers Sans Security: Sanitation and Mortuary Workers in Hospitals in the time of Covid-19

Invite 25.jpeg

Webinar 25

Sexual, Reproductive and Mental Health Needs of Adolescents

Invite 26.jpg

Webinar 26

Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees

Invite 27.jpeg

Webinar 27

 #EndTraffickingNow - Preventive Action Against Child Trafficking at India's Railway Stations

Invite 28.jpg

Webinar 28

Draft National Policy for Domestic Workers: Lessons from Lockdown

Invite 29.jpg

Webinar 29

Transgender Persons' Act: Lockdown Fallouts and Lessons

Invite 23.jpg

Webinar 31

The State of India's Poor: In focus - Labour

Invite 30.jpg

Webinar 30

In the Spotlight: Business and Human Rights

Invite 24 (2).jpg

Webinar 32

The State of India's Poor: In focus - Workers


Webinar 33

Community-Based Mechanisms to Prevent Child Marriage

Invite 34 .png

Webinar 34

Challenges from Fake News: Pandemic and Beyond

Invite 35.jpg

Webinar 35

Challenges to Journalism During the Pandemic

Invite 36 (1).PNG

Webinar 36

Caste and Control Over Women's Lives: Dalit Lives Matter

Invite 37 (5).jpg

Webinar 37

Labour Codes: Implications for Informal Sector Workers

Invite 38.jpg

Webinar 38

Farms Act 2020: A Boon or Bane for the Agricultural


Invite 37 (2).jpg

Webinar 39

The State of India's Poor: Culmination of the Series



Webinar on Data, Ethics and Privacy during COVID 19 and Beyond

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-07 at 11.31.02 AM


Webinar on Participatory Research with Communities facing Stigmatisation on Barriers to Accessing Education on May 27, 2020 in collaboration with the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, Durham University

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