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COVID-19 Voices From Margins

Webinar Series 

The COVID – 19 as a pandemic has turned out to be the global crisis. Since its emergence the virus has spread out to every possible country around the globe creating devastating scars on their efficiency to function as one. But COVID-19 is much more than a health crisis, as it has manifested the lack of India’s preparedness, response and recovery strategy for coping during the crisis. Though the dreaded Coronavirus is supposed to be indiscriminate, the effects of COVID19 are disproportionately disastrous for people from the margins - migrant workers, women, sex workers, sexual minorities, daily wage labourers and others. This pandemic has been moving like a wave one that may yet crash on those least able to cope. These communities have faced the brunt of this pandemic as they are left with no alternatives but to become victims of a neglected Government. Since the government announced a lockdown across the country which has now been extended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic the Central and the State Governments have been making attempts at mitigating the existing scenario where several schemes are being provided to communities in order to lessen the impact on their livelihood. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic “Voices from Margins” Webinar Series, wherein, a group of organizations {Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices and Partners in Change, the National Alliance Group for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic communities (NAG), Vaanavil Research Collective (VRC) and Krishnagiri Development Programme (KDP)} have joined together to get the real picture from the ground through continuous and periodic rapid assessments and support communities at the margins to access government and non-government relief programmes during the COVID - 19 lockdown. The focal point of the webinar series is to provide a platform for the marginalized groups that are impacted during this pandemic to voice out their experiences in these difficult times and explore solutions with a diversified range of participants across the country. To create an evidence-based system several rapid studies have been conducted with communities in different pockets of the country.

Adding to the addendum, the various editions from the Covid-19 ‘Voices from Margins’ webinar series was initiated with diversified groups including garments workers, children with disabilities, interstate migrants, entertainment workers, the semi-nomadic and nomadic tribes and sanitation workers focusing on different issues faced by each group for their livelihood during the pandemic and whether or not the Government interventions have been able to address their economic and social needs.


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